York Profiles & Mentors, the mentoring and career profiles platform I created for the University of York, won a careers guidance award this month!

Specifically, we won an AGCAS Award for Excellence in Technology. (AGCAS is the Association of Graduate Careers Advice Services.)

Reproduced here are some excerpts from the nomination:

This project demonstrates a creative use of technology to bridge gaps between university students and alumni in a more personalised and engaging way than traditional professional networking services.

The platform has been incredibly successful in engaging both current students and University alumni.

The platform has recently been featured in one of the University student newspapers, being described as “an informative and valuable resource” which includes “a wealth of advice and support” in addition to being “easily accessible”.

York Profiles & Mentors was a particularly rewarding and enjoyable project to work on. The success of the project largely came down to the expertise and positive attitudes of the people I worked with. My lead contacts in both York Alumni Association and Careers were decisive, forward-thinking, and imaginative1. In fact, everyone I worked with gave freely of their time and knowledge and wasn’t precious about things they’d worked on in the past or ‘how things are done’.

It was a pleasure to work on York Profiles & Mentors, and I’m very proud of the result. Have a look:

  1. Imagination is hugely underrated in web design clients. Often the client has to be able to make big decisions about how things should work without actually seeing or trying the alternatives. To do that, the client needs to take a leap of faith—unless they have the imagination to ‘see’ the possibilities before they exist as real, usable webpages.